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The stone, wood, iron: the raw materials of nature, skilfully reworked, create small masterpieces everyday … Here nature has generously donated its resources to those who love it , who knows how to respect it. Wherever in Abruzzo man has been able to steal to the nature mastery in shaping elements , creating objects , in shaping materials . Abruzzo is full of places to visit  for those who love folklore and craftsmanship.

It is no coincidence , therefore, that the majolica of Castelli are famous all over the world , that the wrought iron Guardiagrele is is a source of pride for the entire region , that Fara S. Martino is now the undisputed world capital of pasta and that confetti of Sulmona accompany the happiest moments , even for couples to rank as William and Kate . But there is a myriad of small towns , where the tiny forge craftsman continues to churn out unique products : wood carved of Pretoria and Castel del Monte, ceramics from Rapino ,  the wool from Taranta Peligna and the tipical embroidery  of Pescocostanzo and Scanno . Activities lives for centuries, has always been a source of a wealth of hard-working people … But if the life of the everyday man-environment relationship is expressed in crafts , during feast days this close relationship finds its culmination in the civil and religious folk events : traditional religion is also often commingled with paganism and legendary historical memories … it is no coincidence that in Pretoro you relive the miracle of the Wolf with San Domenico , which in Rocca di Mezzo dispute the race of the straight groove , which Loreto Aprutino there is an ox devotee who kneels in front of  St. Zopito ? What about the procession of Serpari in Cocullo , with hundreds of creatures that crawl through the crowd and are caressed under the watchful eye of San Domenico ?

Folklore I serpari di Cocullo

A unique charm , and a real historical importance , has the “Perdonanza Celestiniana” of L’Aquila, the unique jubilee celebrated outside Rome, which in the thirteenth century Pope Celestine V, “who made ​​the great refusal ” granted the forgiveness of sins to all, also the enormous mass of derelict and poor people that could not gain the indulgence .

And the women of Scanno, also photographed by Cartier -Bresson , still continue to wear the austere traditional costumes

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