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Nature in Abruzzo:  Gran Sasso D’Italia an much more.

Abruzzo region protects one third of its territory by inserting it into the three National Parks, one Regional level and many other Reserves. Abruzzo, with a third of its territory protected area, not only holds a cultural and civil protection, but also stands as the biggest nature area of ​​Europe, the real green heart of the Mediterranean region.

In the extreme variety of its natural habitats (marine, river and lake, forest, mountain, high altitude), Abruzzo is today more than ever an extraordinary biological laboratory for the conservation of nature and ecosystems.

Natura camoscio Gran Sasso D'Italia

The mountains are the calling card of this land, everywhere you look toward the horizon , rows of rocky peaks towering to the sky : they are the Majella and Gran Sasso of Italy , Laga , Sirente .. . A fantastic world in high altitude which is the most formidable Apennine mountain complex ( with characteristics typically alpine ) , strategically located in the center of Italy and the Mediterranean. Thanks to the exceptional variety of its natural environments the Abruzzo mountains allows the practice of all kinds of winter sports : from the most famous and popular (downhill , snowboarding and cross-country) , going for the  extreme Alpine-sking to the more quiet family  snowshoes excursions ; moreover sled-dog and  climbing on ice.

 Gran Sasso D'Italia - Cani Da Slitta

From spring to late autumn , finally dissolved the snow , forests and green meadows of the mountains, the mountain lakes ( Campotosto , Scanno, Barrea, Bomba , Casoli , Penne ) , karst caves , the great plateaus dotted with cattle and sheep grazing , the spaciousness of the landscape , the crisp freshness of the air , the miraculous preservation of the environment crystallized in timeless landscapes , make the mountains of Abruzzo a special place, capable of really strike at the heart … Finally in summer the green heart of Europe is the backdrop to a beautiful sea shore , suitable for every kind of taste : from sandy beaches to rocky coastline  ; this natural framework so pleasantly varied , it is also enriched by a summer calendar full of events and local events of all kinds, a glittering nightlife and always fashionable, tasty and authentic cuisine , modern and well-equipped marinas.

Natura kayak -  Gran Sasso D'Italia

By car, by bicycle, mountain- biking , walking and backpacking , horseback riding , skiing , paragliding , ultralight aircraft , boat, motorcycle, jeep, kayak , canoe , with shoes … Abruzzo is a region to live!!

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